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Foto de surf Streedagh Strand: 'Great spot. Worth giving it a go. :)' por Anna Lechenbörger

3 hours
Peak Waves Wind Wind Waves Swell 1 Swell 2 3 hours
12 s cross 12 s

Open ocean wave model on 23 July at 3 pm

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Streedagh Strand around the time the photo was taken

Great spot. Worth giving it a go. :), Streedagh Strand
usuário: Anna Lechenbörger (1 photo)
Foto tirada em: 2:53 pm 23 Jul 2012

Great spot. Worth giving it a go. :)

Ireland | Streedagh Strand

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We went over to the beach and the waves were great. Lots of other people were out. Fantastic view once the clouds were gone. You can easily see the castle of Mountbatten from here and the other side of the bay incl. the high cliffs of Slieve League. If you have a break look out for some nice fossils between the stones! Very impressive! We found some tetracorals which are about 350 million years old.