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Foto de surf Reef Runway (Hickam Harbor): 'Hickam Harbor / Outside Reefs' por johnny

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Reef Runway (Hickam Harbor) around the time the photo was taken

Hickam Harbor / Outside Reefs, Reef Runway (Hickam Harbor)
usuário: johnny (1 photo)
Foto tirada em: 3:27 pm 11 May 1991

Hickam Harbor / Outside Reefs

United States | Reef Runway (Hickam Harbor)

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On the lower left corner of the shot extenting from the left to the right is the portion of the runway that must be hiked out on to get to the breaks. The closest break on paddle out is "firsts" then you have a deep channel about 100ft wide, once you hit the reef again you hit "seconds". Whatch out for the tiger sharks burddayh!!


Lee Or you pay the lifeguards 5 or 10 bucks to drive you out in their boat. And you need Base access.