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Foto de surf Point Arena: 'Shoulda Surfed (work Issues)' por Michael J. Wise

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Point Arena around the time the photo was taken

Shoulda Surfed (work Issues), Point Arena
usuário: Michael J. Wise (1 photo)
Foto tirada em: 3:15 pm 15 Apr 2004

Shoulda Surfed (work Issues)

United States | Point Arena

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Left Hand break south of the pier.


Mike Wise I took this photo on Easter Sunday either 2004 or 2007. I had to drive to the power house in Valmy Nevada for a 6am work shift as a boilermaker the next morning. I got there at 2am. I was so bummed I couldn't go out. Nobody was out because the swell had been strong for over a week. Most people were surfed out, and the swell was dropping, making it less appealing to locals. Work suucks.