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Foto de surf Midway Beach - Gizzy Pipe: 'The Pipe, Midway ' por Don Pearson

Forecast wind and swell just offshore from Midway Beach - Gizzy Pipe around the time the photo was taken

The Pipe, Midway, Midway Beach - Gizzy Pipe
usuário: Don Pearson (7 photo)
Foto tirada em: 6:41 pm 5 Mar 2006

The Pipe, Midway

New Zealand | Midway Beach - Gizzy Pipe

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The Pipe really lights up in swells from SW - SE. With a pumping south swell and a light to moderate N - NW wind it is quite a sight for onlookers and a great experience for the surfers in the water. Finding the rip channel helps in order to get out the back, especially on the strong, pumping days.