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Foto de surf El Roque por atapress

El Roque

Crédito da foto: atapress

El Roque

Spain (Africa) | El Roque

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Ivan Rivero Guys this is not El Roque. Roque is a huge rock, in the middle of the water and it's right on the other side of this bay and those houses, not visible from here. On this photo what you see is San Felipe Bay Beach, which barely produces longboard foamy waves if anything. On the other hand, if you look at 10 o'clock, (slightly to the left from this perspective), you'd be looking at "Soledad", which only shows up when swell is 2.5 meters or above and translates to solitude or loneliness, because whoever dares surfing that monster is always on his fu*king own! It's our own tiny "Jaws" or "Mavericks". Tow-in is handy but not a must.