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Foto de surf Cannes: 'Charging left' por scott Bell

Charging left, Cannes
usuário: scott Bell (54 photo)
Foto tirada em: 2:58 pm 13 Mar 2011

Charging left

France | Cannes

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almost covered up March 2011


scott Bell Viola, Not that the swell is regular enough or that good to attract anyone from let's say Hossegor (8 hour drive), or that the Cannes Film festival stands a chance of being displaced by a surf film event, but there are a few days a year when we can get some really nice waves. Thanks for believing and look forward to see you in the line up some day.
Viola Lee I guess I *was* wrong! I see now that there may indeed be great waves at Cannes! Apologies, and congrats!
Viola Lee I am very, very skeptical that this is Cannes. I know that there are good waves in the Mediterranean occasionally, notably in Sardinia. Cannes doesn't get waves like this. I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think I'm wrong.