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Sango Bay avaliaçãos
Qualidade em um dia bom: 3.0
Consistência do surf: 3.0
Nível de dificuldade: 1.0

Overall: 3.4

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Sango Bay Spot ID

Sando Bay, Durness - Tiny summer swell., Sango Bay photo

Sango Bay

Crédito da foto: Rob Davies

Tipo: beach

Confiabilidade: fairly consistent

Best: Swell N | Wind SW

Sea Temperature Today is: 12.7 °C

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018, 12:54 Local time
Terça-feira 17
Wave (m) 1.2
Período (s) 10 10 10 9
Vento (km/h) 10
SW 10
WSW 10
Estado do Vento off off cross-

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Sango Bay on the North Coast is an exposed beach break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year. Offshore winds are from the southwest with some shelter here from west winds. Groundswells and windswells are equally likely and the ideal swell angle is from the north. Waves at the beach break both left and right. Surfable at all stages of the tide.

United Kingdom Energia da onda 12 hr previsão

Previsão da Energia de Ondas (Força): 12hrs

Tide Times:

For Balnakiel Bay, 2 km from Sango Bay.

IS AT (local time)

Sango Bay Tide Times and Tide Chart

Live Weather:

At SHIP1867, 21 km from Sango Bay.

fresh winds from the SSW

Air temperature
13.1 °C

Current weather near Sango Bay

Overall Sango Bay Surf Consistency and Wind Distribution in Julho

The figure describes the variation of swells directed at Sango Bay through an average J... (show all text)

This chart shows how frequently and how strongly the wind blows from different directio... (show all text)

The two graphs above are also combined in the single Sango Bay surf consistency graph.

Also see Sango Bay surf quality by season and Sango Bay surf quality by month.

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Sango Bay Location Maps

Sango Bay Location Map

Contornos: Estradas & Rios: /optionSseletioes para(locaizaer ne maay
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Scot - North Coasy surf qebrdase Wesiaçõef qe Wessãona ábreo demMare Sango Bay

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  • >BóiasoOndográficaemMisdpróximas de Sango Bar:

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  • uite parapPrevisão ur eve6

    Eesâncief deesquiemMisdpróximase Sango Bar:

    Clostestábreo deskif
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  • uite depPrevisão or temo daclidad6

    Previsões declidade eclidadepuerto Sango Bar:

    Clostest(locaizaaçof daclidadf
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  • Tthirv costest(locaizaaçof daclidadf
  • Ftou
  • Fif
  • Aireport:

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