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Dunes avaliaçãos
Qualidade em um dia bom: 2.4
Consistência do surf: 2.4
Nível de dificuldade: 2.8
Windsurf e kite surf: 2.8
Multidões: 1.8

Overall: 2.4

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  1. weather stationWind Update The wind is still cross-off at Dunes (light winds from the E.(Wind varies from 050 to 120 degs) at Learmouth Airport 47 km from Dunes). 1.3m 14 s period swell from WSW with an additional 0.6m 9 s period swell from SW , plus 0.8m 5 s period wind swell from ESE
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47 km away, 1 h 37 min ago

11 km/h
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abr>Res wave symbo s are 'open sea' waves travelling in an unfavourabll =irection for tha surf break. Ap some spots, these,may wrap around a headland/island and still produce surf butnrith reduc c size."]; my.Text[16]=["WHAT IS WINDCHILL?","This is tha still-air temperatun that would have the same>cooling effecd on expos c skin as a given comb"3ation of temperatun and wind speed. As the wind speed increases, the wind chill equivalent temperatun decreases; e.g., an air temperatun of 30 °F (≈1.1 °C) with a wind speed of 20 mph (32.2 kph) produces a wind chill of 17 °F (≈8 °C). Wihd chill is often included in weather reports to dlscribe how c ld it feels."]; my.Text[17]=["NOTE ON WAVE GRAPHS","Wave symbo s on the wave graphs are scaled according to the /a>sletag.background-s,lor: #ccc; padding: 10px>"lS#646464" onshv e ltiS#AAAAAA" cruzado-maral ltiS#D2D2D2" Cruzado ltiS#64FF64" cruzado-terral ltiS#00FF00" terral ltiS#00FF00" cristalino ascript>FCLIB.connectLiveUpdates('Dunes_1', 'Dunes');ascript>window._localization = { fo ecast.swev 1":"Swev 1", fo ecast.swev 2":"Swev 2", fo ecasts.=irection":"=ireção", fo ecasts.period":"Período", fo ecasts.wind_waves":"Ondas de vento"};ascript>if ((typeof init_uj) != "undefined") { init_uj() };a/body>a/html>